How Our Alumni Benefits

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upes online benefits

Free Access To Additional Programs

Enjoy complimentary access to any UPES Online program for a period of five years after successfully completing your enrolled program. Tuition fees are discounted by 35%, ensuring your pursuit of knowledge never ceases.

upes online benefits

Access to Career Services

Access career services and an array of job listings to bolster your professional journey, supported by our strong industry connections.

upes online benefits

Digital Libraries Privileges

Seamlessly access our extensive digital libraries, empowering you with resources for continuous growth and research.

upes online benefits

Attend University Events

Be part of our vibrant university community by receiving exclusive invitations to various events, including sporting spectacles, enlightening lectures, and nostalgic alumni re-unions.

upes online benefits

Enjoy Networking Opportunities

Forge valuable connections with your fellow alumni, amplifying your networking reach and fostering collaborative opportunities.

Join Us In Creating An Impact

Our university is committed to building strong ties with our valued alumni. Here's how you can engage:

  • Attend and contribute guest lectures
  • Contribute to University committees/advisory boards
  • Take part in mentorship and intern programs
  • Participate in alumni fundraising campaigns
  • Volunteer for community-building activities

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